Terms of Use

Welcome to Jarnazi

 The Jarnazi is dedicated to displaying and selling videos, as well as earning about half a dollar for every fan and subscriber of your page.   Jarnazi allows you to upload educational, investigative, sports, personal videos, etc.   Jarnazi allows in the free pages to upload  a minute for each video and after the page upgrade is allowed to upload at an open time for the length of the video.

 When using Jarnazi, you agree to these terms:

 * Jarnazi is not responsible for verifying ownership of the displayed video.
 * The creator of the page bears all legal and financial responsibility in the event of causing any financial or moral harm to any other person.
 * The user must not violate the intellectual property of another person.
 *  Jarnazi does not own the content that you upload but has the right to use it.
 * Non-use of the site in the nudity, seduction, sex, porno, gambling, racism, terrorism, mockery of religions, incitement to violence, lottery, assault on others, or defamation against them, promotion of alcohol, drugs, and hierarchical trade.
 * The user may not access or collect information in an unauthorized manner.
 * Can not  use the Jarnazi for anything that violates the laws.
 * We can remove any content or page if we believe it violates the terms of use.
 * We disclaim our responsibility towards all types of guarantees, express or implied, including non-infringement of intellectual property.
 * We are not responsible for any action taken by any user of the Jarnazi .
 * We do not bear any legal or financial responsibility in the event of a hack of your account or any content that you have shared even if this results in losses.
 * In the event that we close any page that violates the conditions, we are not obligated to pay any compensation for any loss resulting from that.
 * The Jarnazi is not responsible for any malfunction or loss of data or uploaded materials outside our control.
 * We reserve the right to sue any company, site, application, or person who fraudulently downloads, copies, or records video from the site.
 * User agrees to allow us to download and install service updates to his device.
 * It allows us to update and change the terms and conditions at any time if necessary.

* Regarding the refund policy, it is not available on the site, neither in the event of a claim nor upon cancellation, this is because the digital items that available for sale on the site and subscriptions cannot be returned.